Rules and guidelines

For trails 2-3 and zipline, the adventurer must be atleast 140 cm tall and the weight can not exceed 110 kg. Anyone shorter than 140 cm can climb in the Small trail (starting from 3 years old) or Children’s trail (Small trail + Trail 1). The trails of Elva Adventure Park are at a height of up to 11,5 m from the ground. Your safety is important for us!

  • Before climbing on the trails, each client must sign a written agreement with the Adventure Park and complete the safety instruction.
  • Customers receive a safety harness for personal use only, which must be returned to the instructors immediately after the completion of trails.
  • It is prohibited to pass the safety harness to a third party!
  • Make sure the person before you has cleared the zipline landing area. Avoid collisions!
  • Children under the age of 18 can access the trails with the consent of an adult.
  • Children climbing the Small trail must be under the supervision of an adult.
  • Always pay attention to the instructors and let them know if anyone is in danger!
  • Our prices include the completion of trails once, except for the Small trail and trail 1 – these trails can be completed multiple times.
  • Please tie up your long hair
  • Drunk persons are not allowed on the trails!