Elva Adventure Park is located in the beautiful pine forests of Elva. The most adrenaline-filled attraction is the zipline across Lake Verevi – a total of 800 metres of free-fall between water and the sky, one of the longest ziplines in the Baltic States. We have 4 trails suitable for every young and old adventurer! There are children’s trails in the adventure park for the smallest members of the family – children over 3 years of age are welcome. In addition, we have trails that are at a height of 11 metres from the ground, perfect for those adventurers who are looking for exciting emotions in pure nature!

At the centre of the adventure park is the legendary Verevi Motel, which has been operating for more than a hundred years. This is also the starting point and service centre for the adventure park.

You are welcome to spend a nice summer weekend in the beautiful nature of Elva!